Holy Cow in Critical Condition, Rescued by Snehas Care.

Today we bring you another incident regarding the holy cow. This cow had been sitting in the same spot for 3 days in Bishalnagar. When the community people checked up on her today, she was in an unconscious state and barely breathing. They made the quick decision to call a vet and had tried to shift the cow to a safer area as well, but they were not successful.

When our team reached the spot, the cow was already in a very critical state, we found out that she had eaten plastic which had stuck inside her causing her to lose consciousness and was slowly killing her. It is very heartbreaking to see that a mother cow, surely belonging to someone before was lying on the side of the road, waiting for death. She has ticks all over her body as well. She is so weak and defeated. Humans exploit her and abuse her to this extent and abandon her when their greed is fulfilled. What kind of world are we living in?

Thank you to the people of Bishalnagar for taking care of her until we arrived. With further checkup at AMC, she is finally in SPCA for further treatments and rest. Please pray for her.
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