Homeless Adopting ENU, #Salue

This post is based all about admiring Prem Bahadur Magar. He himself is a homeless old man and he had adopted Enu ( a name given by Prem) at her when she was a puppy and she is the only one in his life. He beg’s for food for himself and shares with Enu. He came to us via Ruby who informed us about Enu’s sickness. Deepak and Prem brought Enu to us today morning. Her treatment has started already and we hope to see her all healthy again so that Prem doesn’t have to be alone.
Help us in her treatment and pray for quick recovery. Donate today http://www.snehacare.org/donate.

Last picture of his is playing with one of our shelter dog. He usually does not go to visitors but he went up to Prem on his own. Dog’s know who have love to give them.

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