Hot Day, Me and My Shelter Under Taxi

Hit & Run – It’s a hot day and i was lying under a parked car at Road Division Office, Babarmahal. Suddenly the driver went into the car and started the engine, i was in a good sleep and didn’t notice that the car is running on me. It went trough my head and badly affected my brain. Team Sneha’s rescued me and took me to the clinic for treatment.

Thank you Mr. Tsering Tashi for informing Sneha’s Care. Due to heavy bleeding and hit on a brain i had to leave the world. I am not regretting that i died but i want to tell all the drivers to watch if any animals are lying under the car when parked before you drive. Its a hot day and every animals seeks the shelter. Please do care about the animals as well as we have rights to live in this world.

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