How Can Anyone Be So Cruel, Feeling Angry

stray dogs

Click here for the previous post about the dog and her eight babies.

RIP little girl. How cruel humans are – 15 Days back i posted about this Dog in Facebook (Dog who was in need of Shelter as she gave birth to 8 babies).


She is no more with us today. Mr. Damodar who was feeding this dog since she gave birth to the babies found her missingstray dog since Friday and called us as well. This morning she was found in a well.

stray dogs

Some stupid people threw her in the well. Mr. Damador and myself has already filed a case to police as he has a doubt on one of the guy who lives near (There isn’t Animal Law in Nepal hence, police doesn’t punish the culprit.

stray dogs

Police was laughing at us when we was in the station to file a case) .


I cannot imagine how bad people are. Anyone willing to adopt these babies are welcome. They need home and whoever did this must be punished.

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