How Kilo Struggled , Amazing Story of Kilo and His Transformation

Hello fellow humans! My name’s Kilo. You can find me usually playing with my best friend Jack. You cannot miss us, as we are the biggest good boys here. I used to live on the streets before. That all changed when somebody pushed me towards the road where the hot tartar was being poured. All I can remember was the burning sensation on my body. I tried to get out but I was further pulled in by the stickiness. I must have screamed and cried for hours until two pair of hands lifted me up and put me in an ambulance. 

This is Kilo’s story. For 3 whole days after we rescued him, he could not sit down, because the tartar dried up and if he started to move, his skin would break. We massaged his body with mustard and coconut oil, which definitely helped. He has suffered so much in his tiny lifetime, that it is mind-blowing to see him today. He is one of the toughest guys. Look at his transformation now!

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