I am Alive and Kicking, Wanna Adopt Me???

Do you remember me? I am the same abandoned dog whose life turned upside down when badly beaten by a cruel person at Gwarkho, Lalitpur. I am glad that Mr. Sakshyam brought me here at Sneha’s Care where I got all the care I needed. Look at me today! It’s just a matter of few weeks’ treatment from the doctor that I am back to normal again.

My head which was previously twisted is alright now. It’s a pleasure to share my happily recovered story with you. Unfortunately, I am occupying the place which is a prime essence for a needy street dog. It’s a bitter truth but the shelter is not an actual home for me. All I need is a family who would love me unconditionally. I promise to be a good girl. Don’t shop, Adopt.

Don’t you want to hear some more successful recovery story? Donate today at www.snehacare.org/donate.

Read My Story Here : How was I Rescued???

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