I am Piggy and This is my story


My name Piggy. This is what everyone calls me. I was bought three years back by my owner. He bought me because he wanted to grow me big and sell me in the market for meat in good price. I am so happy that i am three years old and still alive. The reason i was kept alive was not because of LOVE, i was kept for breeding. Most of my children were sold out when they were eight months old. Being three years in a cage is like already a dead body. What happen yesterday was a very bad day for me, i will never forgot this day in my life if i live more.

My owner called someone to castrate me and few people tied each of my legs with rope and pushed me on the ground with the help of bamboo. I was wondering what did i do and people were angry at me? They started castrating me without any anaesthesia or whatsoever. I cried a lot, asked for help, i was in a big pain while surgery. They stitched me once the castration was done but the stitch wasn’t done properly.


I was bleeding all night until this afternoon. I guess more than 20 ltrs of blood went out of my body. Sneha Mom saw me bleeding and called the Vet doctor for my treatment. Injected me Pain Killer, Injected me to stop the blood & injected me Antibiotic. I am feeling good now but still with pain.
sneha care

My question is “why was’t i castrated while i was child?” The answer from the owner was, i was kept for breeding. And now the castration was done and the reason is i am not good at breeding anymore and they wanted to sell me in the market after my castration so that i will be bought by someone else in a good price. Wow what a wonderful life we are living and Humans are enjoying US.

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