I am Tyson, and This is my story


I am called ‘Tyson” in the street i live. But no one knows my real name. There is only a family who knows it and they are my everything, but i am wondering where they are now when I need them the most.

Its been more than a year that i have lost my family. I am almost 10 years old and i am wandering in the street at this age. I never knew what my fault were to be abandoned in the street.

s Now i cannot stand on one of my fore leg as it has a fracture. I am critically dehydrated and in a lot of pain and to make it worst  I could not help myself eat anything for I cant stand up and find food for myself .

Tick & Fleas are all over my body makes me even uglier and dirty..,  people walking by are scared because of my looks , they donot know, I am a good boy.

sI think i will die but i still have another hope to live as i was rescued yesterday from the street to Sneha’s Care and now i am being treated well.


I am under nursing care at the moment. I hope i will get well soon and will never go back to street again.

If you believe, we deserve a better life, please support Sneha’s Care.
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