Innocent Pup Hit and Run, Rescued and Treated at Snehas Care

This is a story of this innocent pup, which made its way to our shelter this morning. A puppy at just two months old had to face such a tragedy in life. Reason: Hit & Run.

How fast must have this person be going that they did not even notice that they have severed a poor puppy’s leg? They were in such a rush that they could not even stop for a minute to help. They could not stop to help a puppy that they themselves injured. Bloodied and in excruciating pain, it was left to die. 

Fortunately, someone rescued it and brought it to our shelter as soon as they could. Thank you to Suzina you have given this puppy a new life. It may not be a perfect life, but it is far better than the one it was about to live after the incident.
If you see cases like this, please we humbly request you to do something about it.

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