Its been a routine, I love Feeding :D


Its almost evening and I was worried about the animals on the streets. So like other days, I brought some dog foods, some cabbage, some vegetables, biscuits and stuffs to find strays and feed them.


I found the animals on the streets like the other days and helped them atleast for the day.

stray dogs
stray dogs

Just arrived home after feeding strays starting from Satdobato-Koteshwor-Jawalakhel-Satdobato. Feeling happy for them.

I want everyone to feed strays. Only things need to do be done is to carry some vegetables and some buiscuites. I am not with any organisation, nor a group. I am doing it by myself (single) and by heart. I give away my 20% of monthly income to strays every month. Hope everyone does same so that one never die of hunger 🙂



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