Its not Okay !!! Its not Okay you Risk Others Life While You DRIVE !!!

It is okay if you want to risk your life driving like you are in an action movie. It is your life and your vehicle. We get it. But it is NOT OKAY if you risk others life with your rash driving. They are just trying to survive in the streets. They are not an obstacle. They are Alive and Breathing animals who can feel pain like you.

We would like to introduce Prince, who is one of our adorable residents. Brought to us by Birat, he was in a very dire condition. He was in such a critical state that we feared that he would not make it. He was hit by a vehicle which had fractured his jaw. He had a very deep cut on his forehead and was also extremely dehydrated. He was so weak and in such great pain that he was only partially conscious. Just imagine how much pain he was in. We also found out that he had issues in his eyes which limited his sight.

In just over a month, Prince has shown us what the will to live can do. With regular treatment, dressing, medications, and food, this is him now. His journey is remarkable! Not only has he recovered so well, he is also a star in our shelter. He can even see better now. He’s such a curious boy, who wants to know what everyone is doing. Prince is a reminder that everything will be alright, all you have to do is hope and help!

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