Join the Protest against Animal Breeding, January 4, 2017


The Environment Protection Committee of the Parliament has decided to push forward an amendment to National Parks and Wildlife Conservation Act, 1973 in the Parliament.

This act has a clause that specifically permits individuals to breed and use wild animals for any reason whatsoever ranging from harvesting organs and body parts, exporting and selling them anywhere, keep the animals for the purpose of entertainment, reproductive purposes and even Zoos for educational purposes. This clearly states that any individual, business house or group of people can be issued the licenses who seek to use wild animals for profitable measures. This opens the possibility of fur farms, bile farms, circuses, mini zoos, meat farm, slaughter houses, experiments on animals and so much more.

Lack of strong governance, rule of law, monitoring system and absence of welfare policies along with high level of corruption sans check and balance, already has paved a way of tipping the scale of conservation off balance. It has been presented that by the year 2020 more than half the species of the planet will be extinct. In this already sensitive scenario, this act will benefit only those who seek to gain short term benefit through control over our wildlife.

Therefore, this is a request/ urge/call to all the citizens to raise a voice against this act. Our wildlife belongs to us to nurture, guard and respect. By helping it to prosper, we are helping ourselves and our future generation to remain an audience to the beautiful biodiversity of our country which is now being seriously threatened by the greed of some of our politicians and agents.

Please join us for a protest march against this initiative and make it clear to the related parties and the Government that we will not keep silent while our wildlife is being subjected to peril and hopelessness.

We will gather in Jawalakhel ground in front of the central Zoo and end the march in Maitighar Mandala. Strength lies in number.

I really hope to see you there!


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