Karnali Updates – Progress from the Cow shelter at Ghodaghodi Kailali.

Progress from the Cow shelter at Ghodaghodi Kailali.
1. The work has been started on the new cow shed near the village where we are taking all the cows from the forest.

2. Meeting with the stakeholders and Mayor with a signed decision where Municipality will be providing land for the shelter and fence the area. Sneha’s Care will build a shelter for the cows in that land and manage water facilities and food. Sneha’s Care will come with the long term solution for the abandoned cows in the entire district and not only Ghodaghodi Municipality.

3. Treatments are ongoing at the shelter inside forest.

4. Purchase of cabbages from the local farmers & cow foods and feeding the cows everyday to make them healthy.

5. State level meetings going to be held soon for the long term solution which will be arranged by Sneha’s Care.

Your help is must needed here for the cows:
Esewa – www.snehacare.com/donate
Paypal – www.snehacare.org/donate
Bank Transfer & other ways of donation – www.snehacare.org/donate

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