Late Gyani Deula and Her Dogs

I guess none has forgot “Dog Mother (Late Gyani Deula)” who died last year. She left the world but left her dogs as well who are now facing problems. When she was alive she used to take a good care of all her dogs but now her Son is feeding all the dogs and he doesn’t have so much time for additional care as he need to work to make his and his dogs living. Now there are 20 dogs staying with him. Sneha’s care Dewormed & Vaccinated all the dogs that had skin problem this afternoon. Drops against Tick & Flea were also done to all the dogs there.

Thank you Ms. Shani (Israel), Mrs. Kristina (Canada) & Ms. Aditi (My sister) for volunteering with me. I would like to ask everyone to donate fund or food for the dogs there. Please mention, while donating that the fund is going to Dog Mother (Late Gyani Deula)’s dogs.

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