Massive Spaying / Neuter Started : Operated 12 Dogs in First Day

We started massive spaying/neuter from today. We will be spaying/neuter as much as dogs we can everyday. We are releasing all the dogs after a week to make sure that they are good & healthy again. We would like to thanks volunteers who supported by helping while surgery. Thank you Central Veterinary Hospital, Government of Nepal, for Funding for 40 surgeries & collaborating with us.

Central Veterinary Hospital is the only governmental veterinary hospital in Nepal. Snehas’s Care Collaborated with CVH today in spaying and neutering the street dogs of Lalitpur District.

What is Spaying ?

Spaying is a general term used to describe the ovariohysterectomy of a female animal. Neutering is a general term used to describe the castration of a male animal. However, neutering is often used in reference to both genders. The surgical procedure, performed by a veterinarian, renders the animal incapable of reproducing. ~ Defination From Ameican Humane [dot] org

First we collected the female street dogs from the street and took to our Animal Shelter Where we had our Doctors ready for the operation.

Spaying Started with the team of Doctors and with the Volunteers from the Snehas’s Care.

Operation #1

Operation #2

Operation #3

Operation #4

Operation #5

We were able to operate twelve dogs today. We shall be conducting the operations on daily basis. We are inviting everyone, who wants to make their area “Puppies Free Area”. We encountered many puppies at the street since last few months. Received so many messages to save the life of puppies, asking to shelter home them, which was a very difficult things to do. One or two puppies can be saved but not thousands. The reason behind this was un-spayed female dogs in every areas.


We would also like to advise that, we are limited to our budget and cannot spay as much as dogs we receive, hence we need the financial support from the community at the same time to make this happen. Only the queries which comes through the contact form of the website will be entertained.

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