Minnie has a Sponsor now, Thank you Yeshu Shrestha & Family For Supporting !!!

Our lovable furball Minnie has now found a sponsor! When Minnie was rescued from the streets, both of her hind legs were fractured. She had a permanent injury to her vocal cords which had affected her voice. Her fracture was very complicated, which forced us to amputate her left leg. She has very fewer feelings in her right hind leg as well.

But that has not stopped her from skipping and hopping around the shelter and barking at anyone who annoys her. She is a light and hope for all of us. She went through every worst thing possible, but that only made her stronger.

Thank you to Yeshu Shrestha and her family for sponsoring for Minnie’s care and donating towards the goodwill of our dogs. Want to sponsor one of our dogs? Come visit our shelter or write to us at info@snehacare.com . A little support from you can make a huge difference in a dog’s life.

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