Mother Cow Needs our Help, Will you Help?

Another mother cow, the national animal of Nepal gets hurt because one could not drive carefully. Is this how it is going to be from now on? Treat one cow each day and on to another one the next day? It is not that there are no rules or regulations. There are strict laws against one who harms a cow. The punishments are even harsher for hurting a cow compared to hurting or abusing a human being. One can even get a life sentence.

But it seems that has not stopped anyone. It may have been an unfortunate accident or it may have been intentional, but in conclusion, an animal was hurt, very badly and the culprit vanished. Instead of doing the right thing, they ran away. Fortunately, there is still humanity left in people. The locals of Kirtipur built a temporary shed for her so that at least she gets a good shelter in this rainy season. They also helped us lift her to our ambulance. It would not have been possible to treat her without the help from them.

The cow has now been handed over to SPCA Nepal, for further treatment. Want to help us treat more cows in the future? DONATE NOW:

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