Notice To Our Well Wishers

For Our Well Wishers and Animal Lovers, You must have been wondering why you can’t see our Facebook Fan Page (Sneha’s Care). We believe you might have as well made speculations about it.
We have been receiving threats for the welfare we are doing. People call upon us, We do our best, Limited in resource, and manpower we rescue 5-10 Dogs/Animals Daily. The numbers are increasing for we are receiving numerous calls of needy animals for rescue.
There are various other Animal Welfare Centers active for more than decades, We are just the newbie, with the collective effort from every organizations we have been able to treat and help the most critical cases, performed the impossible and the irony is still the people are not happy about it. We are accused of the organization who runs on donations. We are accused of not helping the poor street dogs, and we are even accused of being insensitive.

It is clear that we didn’t start our organization on the foundation of donations. We rejected every penny from our well wishers till we had our organization registered and the donation we received so far is not even 10% of our total Expenses.
We know Expectations are high, so is misconceptions. We do not operate on DOLLARS. We do not Receive MILLIONS, We work hard every day and treat our furry friends, see them smile, so we can smile.

Our Shelter today has nearly 100 dogs under treatment and people threaten us with messages and calls, they say ” We are gonna bombard you and your organization “. Now, this is very sensitive.

We operated from facebook, We thought we would create transparency, which we did and shall always do. We thought we would interact and help people in need, people’s animal in need, which we did and still its not enough. People’s reactions, Animal welfare Syndicate’s conspiracy, and cruel intentions from those stupid minds has demoralized us.

You are smart people, you shall understand. We didn’t facebook to have fun. We are still active, Our Vehicles and Ambulance are still on the road, Our dedicated VETS, who barely sleep is still awake, SNEHA’s CARE is ALIVE, WE ARE UP STILL, BUT OUR FACEBOOK IS NOT.

You are smart people, You Shall Understand.

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