Our Beautiful Magg Left For Heaven, Rest in Peace Baby

With a heavy heart, we want to share with all of our friends, supporters and animal lovers that one of our babies passed away yesterday with kidney failure. When Magg was rescued, half of his body was paralyzed and was also suffering from maggot infected wounds that suggested that he had been in that heartbreaking conditions long enough for insects to infect his eyes.

Abandoned with wounds in his eyes and body, infected with maggots and not being able to move, we found him. In 13 Months, Magg not only healed from the wounds but had started walking again. Our medical staff stayed with him till late at night and took him to AMC, but we could not save him.

We hope he is in a good place now, free from this cruel world. Rest in peace Magg. We miss your presence. Thank you for the lovely memories. Good Bye.

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