Paralyzed and Broken Spinal Cord, Will she Walk Again, She is under snehas Care.

Most of us don’t know that if we say some foolish things to a dog, he will not criticize us instead say, “Wow! I would have never thought that”. Then why do we not feel it essential to be careful not to hurt him? Time and again we mention about torture to dogs. Yet again this mini girl was hit by a vehicle in between Kaushaltar and Gathaghar. Many turn their head away seeing her. But Mr. Prakash Bhusal kindly informed us about her. We went there for rescuing her.

Today, she is with us. We have been giving her necessary treatment along with keeping her in the wheelchair sometimes to make her walking habit. But the misery is that she is paralyzed and her spinal cord is broken due to which she will never be able to walk normally again.

We kindly request people to control the speed limit and let dogs live their life freely. Support us in reaching more dogs. Donate today at

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