Please we beg you, Drive Slow !!!

Another day, another hit & run. This is like an everyday story now. It has almost become a repetitive occurrence. So repetitive that we might fear people will find it normal now. Normal to find a dead dog in front of their homes. Normal to see a puppy howling in pain because a big giant vehicle ran over its legs.

Normal to see these Facebook posts by us every day. What will it take to stop this? What do we do so that people realize this is wrong? This poor baby was brought to us some days ago, with its legs literally and completely shattered to the core.

There is no surprise that it must have once been a prized possession of a human, now bloodied and defeated. Where are its owners? Where is its ‘home’? We may never know. Please, we beg you. #DriveSlow #DontShopAdopt To help us help save more lives, please donate us:

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