Poor Boy with Severe Maggots Rescued : Hope He Recovers

This poor boy has a very severe maggots wound. We rescued him from Kirtipur this afternoon. Our concern is,

why not people take a first step and take care of the dog’s wound when the cut is small and before the maggots in the wound?



More than 1000 maggots and how deep pain he was in since this many days?

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His one eye is damaged and maggots are deep inside, recovery is uncertain as the maggots migrated deep inside the orbital fossa.

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Due to lack of manpower we were able to rescue only 3 dogs today. Our prayers are with you.


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2 thoughts on “Poor Boy with Severe Maggots Rescued : Hope He Recovers”

  1. Karma Gurung says:

    our prayer is for him as well. I am sure he will be good and fine soon

  2. Karma Gurung says:

    I am ready to borne the expenses that will be incurred while going through his treatment. Please call my number 9803258877 Sneha Ji.


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