Purchased 2000 KG Cabbages for Cows – Update from Kailali Cow Shelter

Today we purchased 2000 KG Cabbages from the local farmers who were struggling to sell those cabbages in the market and we fed to the cows at the shelter inside the jungle.
We were able to take cow food & straws in a tractor as well and fed all the cows those food mixing it with water after taking all the cows to the bank of the river 2 Km away from the cow shelter in the jungle.

All the cows are treated against tick and fleas and regular medication for the sick cows are ongoing. Among 10 cows who could not walk on their own 6 cows started walking from today because of the medication and food.

We have enough food and medicines for another 10 days but we are looking for your support by helping us helping these innocent animals.

Please use the following link if you believe you are a kind human and if you want to be part of us to save their life:
Esewa – www.snehacare.com/donate
Paypal – www.paypal.me/snehacare
Bank and other ways of donation please visit our website www.snehacare.org/donate

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