Reckless Driver and Me

I had to leave this cruel world because of one Human. What would happened if the driver has drove the car carefully? I would be still living in this world. But i am happy to leave this world as i don’t belong to this place. Where i am now, i am very happy. Many angels are around, i get food everyday, i get to play with my siblings and its very wonderful living here. Being a dog in a street is better to die.

sneha care

I was hit by a vehicle and spinal cord was broken into two. One of the wonderful lady named Neeru called up Sneha to rescue me. And went through treatment. I was in so pain, i could not make it for more than an hour. Message to people who drives – Please drive slow and carefully because our home is STREET. Please think of us, we want to LIVE and not LEAVE.

sneha care

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