Rescued a Dog From Dumping Site, Jambu Dada, Jorpati

You can see tons of dogs on the street. Many with skin disease. How does it feel seeing their condition? You don’t feel good, do you? Imagine us facing the same kind of dogs every day. We get goosebumps when encountering the innocent dogs with the dreadful skin problem. Hair falling, rashes and blood coming out from their skin.

We get threatened to see them that way. This tiny head rescued from Jambu dada, Jorpati has the similar situation. He was lying on a dumping site with his terrible condition. Nobody bothered to get him out of there and give him shelter.

Fortunately, Wanchu Lama reported us about him. Our ambulance rushed the spot and rescued him. He is now under our protection. With constant care, he will soon be a handsome boy.

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