RIP Petu :(

“If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane, i’d walk right up to heaven & bring you home again. Rest in Peace Petu ??i don no how i will live without you ? ” ~Sneha Shrestha


Sorry to See you go Petu 🙁 , We Miss You 🙁

I lost my dog named liaka .I cried and cried , i was liytle back then and my mom told me not to worry he will come back in a human form.I believed in her and stopped crying.Now u should listen to my mom.Sad on ur loss though.” ~Gray D. Fullbuster

“Manxey mareko vanda Dog mareko DukHa lagxa they are HonesT and loyal To Us but Aajkal ko Ppl harU selfish fake Matra hunxan frown emoticon
#Rip” ~Rã H Űł ŘØý

” Rip petu…n hav a new lyf with sneha again…afule paleko vayra ho ki k ho bt I lov animals so much if I can do anything for them then I feel myself so proud…”~Namita Thapa

Click Here To See How Sneha Found PETU

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2 thoughts on “RIP Petu :(”

  1. Karma Gurung says:

    I am really eager and interested to join your team.

    1. Snehacare says:

      Thank you Karma ji, Please inbox me on Facebook Page. And Please visit our Animal Shelter. Thank you.

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