Sign A Petition: Necessity of Animal Law in Nepal

Nepalese society has religiously and ecologically accepted co-existence of animals in various ways. We accept that there is part of almighty within every creature. We worship animals in various cultural festivals and events. We do gladly accept the spirit that animals should also be honored and protect as similar to human community. Though, the cows as respected as our mother, have been enduring various pain and injustice. The bulls and he-buffalos being synonym of farming have also been enduring same kind of injustice and torture. The dogs being synonym of protection and loyalty have been enduring extreme injustice. All domestic animals have been facing injustice and cruel torture. Some animals are attacked in uncivilized and cruel manner as acid attack, thrown to well, brunt by firing and hot water, brunt by firing of kerosene, feed poison, extremely tortured by cutting off of leg, tail and other parts. The wild animals are also compelled to bear extreme torture, injustice and exploitation. Although knowing that the existence of mankind is in vulnerable condition without such animals, some of wretched individuals of human community are tending towards more injustice and intolerance and forget co-existence in practice and become excessively irresponsible and violent towards animals.


This earth is common abode of all animals. The human community cannot be survived without animal and animals also require human community. Human community and animals are complement of each other and they aren’t enemy of each other. The human community claim themselves as superior creature of this 21st century. The claimant of being superior creature shall have to be polite, tolerant, just towards others and shall have to accept other’s existence, necessity and unavoidability. But the contemporary human society is becoming intolerant day by day.

We have constructed various laws for security, progress and prosperity of human community. But except of some exceptional cases, no laws have been made for justice, protection, prestige and utilization of animal and livestock. In case of occurring of extreme torture, pain and injustice to animal and livestock in front of us, there is lack of place for petition, action and justice. While animals reared and cared as own children face pitiful pain and injustice, the human community is not felt shame and pain rather becomes more intolerant. The timely development and prosperity of human community is not possible without existence of animals and the proper protection of animal and livestock is the duty of human community. The human society is completely detached and neutral towards this duty.

Hence, the animal management and animal rights are hurt due to the opponents irresponsible towards animal management and animal right which creates situation of direct and serious dreadful affect on human society, it hurts the fundamental rights of citizens conferred by Article 17, 25, 30, 35, 36 and 43 of the Constitution of Nepal and the goal of commercialization of agriculture as envisaged by the directive principles of the state is also defeated by the same, the cruelty against animals is taken place against the dignity of civilized, well-refined and prosperous society which hurts in animal management and animal rights and resulted as infringement of right to life of human being, it creates situation of completely damage of ecology with natural unbalance and destruction and consequently, the human society may face various catastrophes, thus, I do hereby file this petition at the honorable court. That’s why; I do beseech to issue order of mandamus or appropriate decree, order or writ in the name of opponents pursuant to Article 133 (2) of the constitution to prevent cruel, violent, torturous and unjust improper acts against animal in order to make proper arrangement of animal rights and to make proper legal arrangement relating to animal welfare with proper management of animals.

Furthermore, we request to ensure justifiable rights of animals by issuing order as not to conduct and cause to be conducted any act of torturing and hurting to all animals and creatures, to consider on their proper protection and not to conduct and cause to be conducted any improper, cruel, undignified acts against them until making of law in accordance to the order of the honorable court.


As the hearing by Supreme court has been postponed to the next day, till then please make effort in signing the petition from your end. Thank you all & keep loving animals . Please Click on the Icon Below to Sign the Petition.



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