Sirius under Surgery , Thank You David For Supporting on his surgery.


Hey everyone, remember this little boy who was hit by a vehicle and broke his jaw? He is now doing good after the surgery. Surgery was performed under general anesthesia.

As he is having mandibular fracture at two different point, one is symphyseal fracture and next is mandibular shaft fracture on right side. Operative plan was cerclage wiring for symphyseal fracture and Tape muzzle for shaft fracture (mandible plating is only best option for shaft fracture but due to lack of technical support we are unable to perform plating so we decided to maintain on tape muzzle for shaft fracture).

14572321_738403256308681_6428499402576917503_nSAs per the pre operative plan we did fix his symphyseal fracture with cerclage wire and started maintaining him with tape muzzle for shaft fracture. He need to be on tape muzzle for at least a month and we need to maintain him under liquid diet. He is feeling much better after surgery and able to lick liquid diet. Thank you David for naming him Sirius & supporting on his surgery 🙂



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