Snehas Care against Live animal Transportation

Why isn’t there an improvement in Live Animal Transportation in our country? The question is why the “Live Animal Transportation Standards, 2007” is not yet being implemented till date?

We go for random investigation to the entry point of Kathmandu and warn the drivers and care takers not to tie the nose and tail of these innocent animals who are already on the way to slaughter. We need your support. Investigating the situation just in the entry point doesn’t work always.

We need your support in the highways and in the starting point where they load the animals. You can simply ask them to remove the ropes from their nose and tail and remind them of the Standards of Live Animal Transportation and also “Criminal Code” of Nepal where they can be punished. 

Please inbox me if you would like to support my cause and help voluntarily to end this suffering.
Photos – From the investigation on 5th January, 2019 2:00 AM.

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