Stop Animal Cruelty

This calf has been hit & run by a crane 7 days back at Bishalnagar. Very difficult situation. Locals from the area was feeding the calf and asked many shelters to visit for treatment but none of the shelters visited & some so called Vet Technician was called up and treatment (Just the name) was done for few times.

I was there this afternoon and couldn’t leave the calf doing nothing. I called up a doctor, bought some bamboo, Ropes & more material to make the shelter for the cow and tried to make him stand by the support of bamboo & rope as suggested by doctor so that the treatment would be better & easier. Approx one Kilo of Pulse was taken out from his body. His body has all over infected wound. 

My concern is why people keep cow with them and leave He-Calf on the street? Why because He-Calf doesnot give milk? And why drivers don’t drive slow if they see animals on the road? Where are those so called Shelters if there isn’t any place for them? Where are the doctors in this situation and waiting for 7 days to be well treated? Where is the government in this case as Cow is a national animal of Nepal and if someone kill him or her, Is there any provision for a jail? He cannot walk as his 3 legs are fractured, his backbone is destroyed,he cannot stand even though supported with Bamboo & rope. What is the suggestion?

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