Street Dog with Intense Itching and Skin Condition Rescued

Suffering from intense itching, red skin, sores, and hair loss this furry was wondering since many days on the street of Kuleshwor, Kathmandu.

His case was reported to us few days back by the local there but our team couldn’t figure him out that day. Fortunately, this time he was at the reported spot and our team could give him proper medication. He will soon be cured and wish him a quick recovery.

sLife is short so let’s make is worthy while we live for helping these furry.Help us help them. You can sponsor their treatment through
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One thought on “Street Dog with Intense Itching and Skin Condition Rescued”

  1. Dirghayu Subedi says:

    Dog population is increasing day by day.there are very few to people to stand for dog.A single person cannot do anything even if he wants to.And i think controlling the birth of dog is one of the best solution to control the population of dog.So i thought that we should go to every possible community and collect money from every home for the dog of their community to spay of female gods.If there is only 1 dog in a community then the money collected from that community can be used for other communities dog.So i humbly request to take some action since this oraganisation is big i think some changes can be made and this oraganisation is doing a great great work.

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