Students Visiting Our Shelter, Makes us Very Happy :)

Sneha Shrestha’s words, ‘ today’s students are tomorrow’s animal activist’. Upcoming generation will speak up for all those voiceless animals is what we believe in.
In the same way it is very important for students to be taught at this very age that to love and be kind to animals is crucial. Only then we can hope for better life of animals.

Yesterday, students of Sambotta High School made a visit to our shelter to meet all our rescued dogs. We are glad to know that schools have encouraged their students to learn about animals and their sufferings too. All of the students were enthusiastic and showed interest in knowing stories of dogs and how their stories started in Sneha’s Care. And we are also thankful for appreciating our work and donating Rs. 15000 for the dogs.

Thank you for spending a day with us.
We wish all of the schools to encourage their students in the same way.

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