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Jan 03

Do not Shop, Adopt

Every puppies we rescue has their own story. And the story of the puppies rescued from the street are always sad. Out of 10 or 12 puppies from a mother,

Apr 20

Yey Another Adoption, Thank you Beautiful Soul for Adopting him

We are so happy to announce that another one of our baby boys has been officially adopted! He was brought in with severe mange in his whole body. He had

Apr 15

Yey !!! Brownie is Adopted, Thank you Sanjay :), You are an Angel :)

Our Brownie has officially been adopted. On 16th March, Sanjay Maharjan came across a puppy who was hit by a vehicle. It was Brownie. His hind leg was injured and

Oct 14

Home at Last, Home at Last, Back Home after 13 years

13 years in street is not a joke. Sheep spent all these years being a stray at Durbarmarg, Kathmandu. She was always in need of a family but people either

Aug 13

I am Ready to be Adopted.. Any Humans Ready To Adopt Me?

I was born in the streets of kathmandu city and basically named after some kind of breed ‘street dogs’ or ‘local breed dogs’ too. It had just been a month

Mar 05

Please ADOPT & Never SHOP, 15 Pups Ready For Adoption

We have more than 15 puppies at our care center. They are actually looking for a real adoptive family. An animal shelter is not a good place for a puppy

Sep 25

Thank You Emma and Rhodri ; You Guys are Awesome :)

Emma & Rhodri a perfect couple from UK has given these two puppies a forever home. How lucky all four are to have each other as a family member. World

Jul 09

Happy Saturday : Day Well Spent

Spayed/Neutered 10 Dogs, Washed most of the dogs in the shelter and the best part was, one of the dog got adopted by Ms. Shioban, a wonderful women living in

adopt street dogs
Jul 03

Prashanna Adopts Casper : Casper is Happy :)

When someone adopt puppies, makes us feel proud of them. Casper got a home. I am sure Casper will make you proud being a forever friend. Thank you Prashanna Bajracharya

May 24

Adopt these cute pups

Hey everyone. Thought of adding some photos of dogs who are in need of Home. Why don’t people think of adopting dogs from the street instead of buying one. Anyone