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Aug 01

Treating Cancer – Snehas Care

We all can imagine how painful is the Cancer for human beings. The pain is similar for all, the only difference is, animals can’t express their pain and we are

Jul 25

Devi Limbu Donates Rs.21000 , Thank you so much.

Thank you Devi Limbu (Shrestha), Dipa Thebe for visiting our shelter and donating Rs. 21000 for our loving paws. We at Sneha’s Care sincerely appreciate your expression of kindness and

Jul 01

Rescue From Temple – Street Dogs at Temple

Temples and shrines home a lot of dogs in their surrounding. Dogs are given food and are well taken care of when worshippers come there daily. We got a rescue

Jun 23

Team Cleans up the Magots from lovely fury

Without treatment for few more days, this handsome paw could have attracted maggots like magnet; in fact, a serious infection like this, untreated, can quite easily spread to other parts

Jun 22

Mobile Treatment – Paw severe infection with maggots treated

This beautiful paw has a severely infected maggot wound on its back. We cannot imagine the pain this furry friend must have gone through all this time. When we got

Jun 17

Hit and Run Case – Speeding Vehicle – Drive Carefully People

This beautiful dog was injured in the back when hit by a speeding vehicle. We have treated her with the required medications and thankfully, she has no serious critical injuries

Jun 05

Rescue Buzz From Hattiban

This beautiful looking dog has Canine Transmissible Venereal Tumor(CTVT)! We got a rescue buzz from Hattiban Lalitpur by a kind animal lover Animesh Sharma who informed about this dog and

Jun 04

Karyabinayak Lalitpur Rescue Call by Anmol Shrestha

This adorable pup has swollen wound and cuts! We got a rescue buzz from Karyabinayak Lalitpur by a kind animal lover Anmol Shrestha who informed about this pup and our

Nov 05

Dog Hit by Car While Mother Dog Was Helpless, We Rescued.

This puppy was playing beside its mother when it was hit by a car. The mother did not know what do besides lick her pup and try to ease the

Oct 22

Dog with Maggots at Kalanki Rescued by Sneha

While going to Naagdhunga for the investigation on Live Animal Transportation, our founder encountered a dog with maggots wounded wandering in the garbage at Kalanki. She then gave a packet