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Feb 29

Thank you Leo Club members for volunteering

Thank you Leo Club members for volunteering with Sneha’s Care this afternoon. Cleaning up the Shelter & Helping with gardening was really a good job done by you guys. Thank

Feb 01

Lets unite and clean our city

This little girl was hit & run by a car. The more puppies are born, the more accident take place. I suggest everyone to take action against the Birth Control.

snehas care
Dec 16

Adopt a Cat

Kitten For Adoption – This little kitten needs home very urgently. The owner is leaving the country tonight and will be alone or in the street if someone doesn’t adopt

Nov 29

Thank You Ms Maureen

Thank you Ms. Maureen for adopting two puppies. You are such an amazing person that you gave a forever home to them. I am happy for you and those puppies:),

Love & Care Street Dogs
Oct 10

Abandoned Snow & Maggy Adopted

You might remember Snow & Maggy. Snow was abandoned by his owner and was rescued from Baluwatar. He got adopted by Mr. Bhujel. More about Snow Click here. Maggy was

Sep 27

Hi I am Jenny and This is my story

Hello everyone, My name is Jenny. I am a very playful dog who lives in the street just across Sneha Mom’s house. I always see from the street towards Sneha

Dog Song
Aug 02

Dog song by Sneha

This Video was created by ” Love and Care Street Dogs ” : The real Scenario has been captured. The Dogs displayed during the video was captured during the treatment