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Jan 01

I am Alive and Kicking, Wanna Adopt Me???

Do you remember me? I am the same abandoned dog whose life turned upside down when badly beaten by a cruel person at Gwarkho, Lalitpur. I am glad that Mr.

Oct 03

Sirius under Surgery , Thank You David For Supporting on his surgery.

Hey everyone, remember this little boy who was hit by a vehicle and broke his jaw? He is now doing good after the surgery. Surgery was performed under general anesthesia.

Apr 03

Daisy Under Treatment

Hello, my name is Daisy. I was brought to the Sneha’s care by one of the kind lady from the street for the treatment when she saw my tummy very

Feb 11

I am Alive. I am “Bravo”

Hey, finally I got a name. I am proud to announce my name “BRAVO”. Sneha managed to get a Tracheostomy pipe for me. My surgery went for 3 hours 45

Feb 04

Remember Me? I am Creamy

Hello, My name is creamy. I was rescued by Sneha’s mom three months back from New Road gate. I was found in very critical condition. After she gave me treatment

Jan 24

Milk Man, Milky and Sneha

My name is Milky. I was hit & run by a vehicle carrying Milk at Lagan Chowk. I cried all the day but none asked me why was i crying?

Jan 12

Not every HUMANS are cruel

How cruel my owner was to abandoned me at the street while i needed him the most. I was left in the unknown place, I was so frightened with everything

snehas care
Jan 11

Sneha Demands ” Animal Right in Nepal “

A cat was in between two walls for more than 48 hours without any food or water and wasn’t coming out from there. What should be the reason she was

Oct 26

Abandoned Again

Hey all, do you still remember my story ? My name is Snow and was rescued from Baluwatar few weeks back. I was abandoned during the earthquake and after 6

love and care street dogs
Oct 10

Meet Lure

My name is Lure. I live in the area of Tripureshwor Veterinary Hospital. People hit me for no reason. I never knew why am i being hated by humans. I