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Dec 13

Nooma and Sister Donates 40,000. Thank you Nooma

Nooma Limbu and her sister spent time with our furries and also donated the sum of Rs. 40,000 for their welfare. We would like to thank them for their kind

Dec 11

Hit and Run – Calfs Hit in Gwarko

Dogs aren’t the only victim of hit and run case, but so are calves and cattles. This poor calf from Gwarko has been the victim of hit and run case

Dec 09

Samin and Friends Donates – Thank you Guys.

We would like to heartly thank Samin Shakya and his friends for spending time with our furry friends and donating us for the welfare of the animals. Help us to

Dec 08

Sunita and Sagar Donated 20,000 , Thank you so much

In the memories of their dogs, Sunita and Sagar donated the sum of Rs. 20,000 and a warm bed for our furry friends. We are very thankful for their kind

Dec 04

Thanking The Safe House, Soyambhu

We would like to thank ‘The Safe House, Soyambhu’ for their contribution in helping animals who are need. Help us to reach more animals in need. Esewa- www.snehacare.com/donate Paypal- www.paypal.me/snehacare Other ways

Oct 24

“Dancing bear got rescued by Team Sneha’s”

“Dancing bear got rescued by Team Sneha’s” Having the information received from the locals of Siraha District, Team Sneha’s Care headed overnight towards the destination to rescue the Dancing Bear.

Sep 15

Kalu – On the way to Recovery

Helping dogs might not change the world but for the dog, its’ whole world changes! We met Kalu at Buddhanagar after reported by Mr. Dipendra Gyawali. Good fellow Mr. Gyawali

Aug 01

Treating Cancer – Snehas Care

We all can imagine how painful is the Cancer for human beings. The pain is similar for all, the only difference is, animals can’t express their pain and we are

Jul 17

Sneha Visits the Agricultural Minister , Hon’ble Mr. Chakrapani Khanal

It was a great & fruitful meeting with the Honorable minister of Agriculture and Livestock Mr. Chakrapani Khanal. We discussed on several issues of Animals in Nepal, Animal Welfare Act

Jul 04

Severely Wounded Peastachu Rescued and Treated

Why are we as human beings, the so called superior beings unable to understand that we should be spreading compassion and care towards other loving beings rather than hatred. We