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Jul 19

Happy is Happy now : Help Him Get a New Wheel Chair

My name is HAPPY. I am a happy dog today onwards, so i was named. I was rescued from Srijana Nagar, Bhaktapur this afternoon. I was hit by a vehicle

Oct 03

Rescued this Dog From the Former Kings Palace

I was asked to rescue a dog from Narayanhiti Museum (Earlier a King’s Palace). Ms. Aachal & her Mum saw the dog when they were there for some reason. Both

Sep 05

Petu Shall Walk Again.

I am just 45 days old and my Name is Petu. My mom Sneha found me during the Rabbies vaccination at Lagankhel, while i was dragging in the road. I

stray dog
Aug 26

I am not the party girl anymore

I was so busy with work and helping street dogs since long, me and my husband decided to go for a party and refresh ourselves. We were heading towards Jhamsikhel

Aug 07

Hit by a Doctor’s car

This little boy was hit by one of the cardiologist named Bikash Subedi who work in Laligurans Hospital, Thasikhel. Doesnt matter who hit the dog, treatment is necessary. Called up

Jul 05

Another Case of Cruelty

I was informed by one of the kind hearted lady named Yuna, that the puppy has been thrown into a Stinging Nettle Bush (Sishnu ko Jhari). Visited the place with

saved stray dog
Jun 02

Happy To Save Life

This dog was hit and run by a vehicle. One of a kind hearted girl took her to KAT center.She was fractured. KAT center does Spaying and small surgery in