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Feb 20

I am Dead, I am Alive.. This is What I am, Story of Dead and Alive Dog

We, humans, have so much of interest in keeping a dog as a pet but we are so much irresponsible pet owners. We have never understood their feelings, loyalty &

sneha care
Feb 18

Puppy Under Attack By The Adult Dogs Now Safe.

Few locals from Kirtipur popped into our shelter this afternoon with a box and puppy in it. As per them, a new adult dog came into their community, and he

Feb 16

HIT & RUN Case Again, Three Cases Daily :(

We have been receiving minimum of three HIT & RUN case everyday. There are many unseen cases. Why don’t we slow down our vehicle or think twice about the animals

Jun 24

Thank You Bir Tamang for Saving his life

मलाई कूकूर भन, मलाई कुत्ता भन, तर भूस्या कहिले न भनी देउ । बरु गोली बम हानेर मारीदेउ, तर मरनू न बाँचनु नबनाइ देउ । Why people don’t take dogs

sneha care
Jan 19

Thank You Sabina

I am happy to see wonderful lady like Sabina. She herself doesn’t have much time to look after the strays, hence donated Rs. 10,000 to Sneha’s Care to support the

street animals
Nov 18

Thank you for sending me in heaven. I am happy here.

I have no name & I am no more in this cruel world – I was crying all day and all night to let people know that i am not

Love & Care Street Dogs
Oct 10

Abandoned Snow & Maggy Adopted

You might remember Snow & Maggy. Snow was abandoned by his owner and was rescued from Baluwatar. He got adopted by Mr. Bhujel. More about Snow Click here. Maggy was

stray dogs
Aug 19

Thank you for adoption

I am very thankful to Ms. Stephanie Huray & Ms. Aanchal for adopting these little girls. I am happy that people like you still exist in the world 🙂 May

Dog Song
Aug 02

Dog song by Sneha

This Video was created by ” Love and Care Street Dogs ” : The real Scenario has been captured. The Dogs displayed during the video was captured during the treatment

May 23

Found Few Today As Well

I might be busy with my own stuffs, work and all, still  Whenever I pass by some strays, I couldnot just stare but help. I was on my way to