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Tag: Street Dogs in Nepal

Dec 10

Dog with Skin and Eye Problem Rescued , He is under treatment

Fur provides dogs with warmth. But what if the same fur falls off their skin that too in this cold winter? Same is his situation. Ill-starred furry! Skin problem led

Nov 30

Students Visit To Snehas Care, Imperial World School Students Visits Snehas Care

Someone rightly said, “The expert in anything was once a beginner.” Keeping in view aforementioned quote, students from a renowned school, Imperial World School visited us. These children had a

Aug 24

Street Dogs with Common Cold Treated.

A normal human would have taken bed rest if only common cold caught him. But what about a dog? We don’t bother to cure him and the excuse would be

snehas care
Mar 03

Both legs Fractured , Hit and Run Case, Rescued

He was hit by a vehicle, and both of his hind legs are fractured. Whoever Hit him, could you please dare to see his innocent eyes? He was brought to

Feb 16

HIT & RUN Case Again, Three Cases Daily :(

We have been receiving minimum of three HIT & RUN case everyday. There are many unseen cases. Why don’t we slow down our vehicle or think twice about the animals

Sep 17

So much of cruelty everyday :(

Why does these innocent animals get tortured everyday? These are the seen cases, how many cases of cruelty are unseen everyday? She was rescued from Okubahal, Lalitpur. As per the

rest in Peace
Jun 03


One died because of Poison (Survived for 4 days under medication) & the other died because she was burnt (Survived for one night). And the responsible person for their death

snehas care
Jan 07

If You Do not LOVE street Dogs, Do not HARM them as well

How CRUEL human can be? Saw a man kicking this little boy at his face. Stopped my car went out and asked him, why did you hit the dog? The

Love & Care Street Dogs
Oct 10

Abandoned Snow & Maggy Adopted

You might remember Snow & Maggy. Snow was abandoned by his owner and was rescued from Baluwatar. He got adopted by Mr. Bhujel. More about Snow Click here. Maggy was

Dog Song
Aug 02

Dog song by Sneha

This Video was created by ” Love and Care Street Dogs ” : The real Scenario has been captured. The Dogs displayed during the video was captured during the treatment