Thank You Bir Tamang for Saving his life

मलाई कूकूर भन, मलाई कुत्ता भन, तर भूस्या कहिले न भनी देउ ।
बरु गोली बम हानेर मारीदेउ, तर मरनू न बाँचनु नबनाइ देउ ।

Why people don’t take dogs to the vet in this situation & just pass by from the street? Mr. Shree Bir Tamang made an effort like always calling us to save the life of the dog.

sneha care

He got rescued from Boudha & now under treatment. One side of face is eaten up by maggots, and the vet says that there is a possibility of cancerous wound further complicated by maggots. Another possibility, it may be just severe maggot wound.

stray dogs

So the recovery depends upon the root cause of the problem. If its just a maggot wound the wound will recover but will need proper care and long term treatment.

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