Thank you Sambotta High School For Donation

As regards our fellow animals, humane education works at the root causes of human cruelty and abuse of animals. There is now abundant scientific evidence that animals are sentient beings, with the capacity to experience ‘feelings’. They have the ability to enjoy life’s basic gifts as well as the ability to suffer emotionally as well as physically through cruel or unkind treatment, deprivation and incarceration. This new understanding of the sentience of animals has huge implications for the way we treat them, the policies and laws we adopt, and the way in which we educate our children.
We were able to educate the students of 8th standard of Sambotta High School located at Boudha, Kathmandu. It was so surprising to see the paper arts made by students of the Sneha’s Care Shelter. We educated them on “Benefits of being Vegan” and also educated them the importance of animals in human’s life.
Thank you so much Sambotta High School also for donating Rs. 10,000 to help the needy animals

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