Thank You Sanjib Ji For Your Generosity

Peter Marshall once said,” The measure of life is not its duration, but its donation.” The saying is rightly just by Mr. Sanjib who runs a grocery store names “Bhole Shankar Kirana Pasal” at Kalimati. If he had been mean, he would just do the regular selling and earn from it. But no, his generiosity led him to donate 10 sacks of rice and 1 sack of soyabean for our dogs. He has been donating us every month since few months.

Everyday we use 2 sacks of rice to feed our dogs at the shelter. His donation has provided us a means to feed our dogs to some extent. It’s a happy moment for our dogs as a kind person has made their feeding process easier.

We need more donars like Mr. Sanjib who would stand on their own to help us help the dogs. Donate today to make the life of street dogs easier at

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