I am Sugar, and This is How Sneha Found Me


I got another chance to LIVE – My name is Sugar (Got the name today). I was hit by a vehicle approx two months back. I cried a lot, asked for help but who could have understand my language? NONE.

sneha care

Trying to stand on my own feet but i cant.

I was crawling everyday to fulfil my hunger, asking people if they can take me to vet for treatment. I saw many people walking, driving, seeing towards me but none dared to take me to vet for treatment. I then lost the hope to survive. None used to come near me and ask if i was in need of help. I tried to kill myself but couldn’t do it as I was very weak to kill myself. I was lying just opposite of Bhatbhateni (A very big supermarket in Koteshwor where thousands of people walk everyday).

And I saw many dogs who were entering the vet clinic just near where I was crawling with their owners but none of them asked me if i was on need.

Why none rescued me?
Does this world just belongs to Humans and not Animals?
Does the breed dogs get treatment and not Mongrel?

sneha care

Rescue from the place where i used to live.

Finally I was noticed by a kind hearted person named Suraj Karki and he informed our known Sneha to rescue me. Finally she arrived today and rescued me. Took me to Vet clinic for treatment. So sad that my Hips were broken and the treatment was not done on time, I cant walk on my hind legs ever. But why should i loose HOPE of Living if i have Sneha Mom who is willing to give me a place at her Shelter. I am happy that i am with her.

sneha care

Under treatment at Vet Clinic.

I already started eating delicious food, warm bedroom and awesome treatment. She said that she will be asking someone to donate a wheel chair for me, so that I don’t need to crawl anymore and LIVE a happy life with other friends at the shelter. So anyone willing to donate a wheel chair for me are welcome. I want to LIVE again.

sneha care

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