This is How We Stay : Animal Bonding

sneha care

All the dogs that were kept in the paid kennel club were brought to my own shelter. Even though the shelter is not yet completed but all these kids can stay there as everyone of them are disease free. Anyone who wants to visit the Shelter are most welcome.
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Adriana Hinestrosa Comments : ” No street for them . Hope people appreciate your job: And help you Sneha. USA “

snehas care

Adriana Hinestrosa Comments :”Very happy to see your dreams come truth ! Hope the open more shelters.
This is the beginning of a new life for so many animals!! People; you all have to look this example and get together and do the same!
Please ”

sneha care

” I feel so happy to clean my own Animal Shelter and I am delighted to provide a permanent home for my kids, and now no one has to suffer in the streets. Thanks to my Hubby for all his support and all the seen and unseen animal lovers who has helped me in the best way possible. ” ~ Sneha Shrestha

My kids are now happy and warm in this chill nights. This is how they stay in their Home Sweet Home 😛

sneha care
sneha care
sneha care

This is how everyone in our shelter lives together. Every dog loves each other a lot 🙂

Valerie Bell Comments: “They all look cosy together such a lovely thing you’re doing for these dogs. Looking at the third picture has the dog on the left got a wound on his head I know you would have tended to it, just wondering if it was. Keep up the good work Sneha you are doing great.”

Please visit our Shelter.

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