Those Eyes Dont Lie, Sufferings are over boy, You are in Safe Hands Now

They buy me because I am rated as an expensive breed dog. But do they even care for me when I grow sick and old? The only answer is no. Look how lean and thin I have become. There is an injury on one of my limbs. Sadly, my private part is swollen too. Surrounded by bad circumstances I now am spending my life being a stray at Sanepa.

Mr. Birendra Chaudhary saw me in such a situation. Unlike other human who didn’t care to look at me, he called Sneha’s Care for my treatment. They use some medicine and injection on me. I turned a good boy and let them do my treatment. In hope to find a family who would love me unconditionally. Do you think I can be a good pet? If so please give me a real home and a loving family.

He is now under our protection. With constant care, he will soon be a handsome boy.

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