Treated a Dog with Maggot Infestation, He lost his eye But his Soul is Happy !!!

Tring! Tring! Rescue call alerted us and our ambulance reached Balaju to rescue the dog. The wound looked fresh but maggot infestation took away an eye of the furry. Chill ran through our spin as bone was easily visible from the injured part.

Our vet didn’t waste time and immediately started the treatment after being brought to the shelter. Today we are happy to declare that his situation is better. Yes, he cannot see from his left eye yet the painful wound is no more troubling him.

Our founder wants no street dog suffer due to unavailability of treatment facility. We are trying our best to reach every dog possible but sometimes we may not be able to help all the dogs. So, its a humble request to you all to please try from your side to save the life of voiceless. Kindness may cost some amount but al least a life gets saved out of your generosity.

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