What Else We Can Do, No Matter What, We Shall Not Stop, Rest in Peace Boy !!!

snehas care

Look at this photo and imagine. Imagine yourself as this dog. Imagine you are on a usual morning walk with your owner. You are ecstatic. You are scared of the fast-moving vehicles that are zooming past, but you feel safe knowing that your owner is beside you. You just passed two girls who stopped to look at you and shout in glee saying you’re so cute. You’re feeling so happy seeing people happy, looking at you. Suddenly, you hear a big vehicle coming towards you, you hear a loud horn and then you fall to the ground.

You hear a lot of screaming, you are bleeding. You feel extreme pain, the kind of pain you have never felt before. You are confused, you cannot move, every breath you take your pain triples. You look for your owner, gently moving your head, you see them, you call for them screaming not caring how much it hurts. But you see them turning their heads and going in the other direction. You shout a little more, until you have no energy to even whimper, but they never look back.
This is the story of a dog that was almost severed in half in Satungal, Naikap yesterday.

snehas careWe took it to AMC, where Dr. Sushil, tried his best to save it. But the dog’s bladder was totally damaged, his hind legs almost cut off, dangling by few skin pieces. We could not save it even though we tried our best.

snehas careWe get feedback sometimes saying the photos we post are very graphic and it is very unhealthy for people who look through it. But what else can we do? Even though we post a hundred photos of animals lying in a pool of blood, legs cut off, head bashed in. Nobody Cares!

To help us help save more lives, please donate us: www.snehacare.org/donate

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