Paralyzed Simba under Snehas Care Care

We all agree that the life of a dog living on the streets is very hard. They have to fight for practically everything to survive. But when you are born into the streets you at least have a way of things. You can make your way through the day. The street is your home. Sleeping in the cold concrete does not feel hard, as the moment you were born, that has been your bed.

But it is such a risk. One minute you are hooping down the usual streets, the other minute your whole world changes when you are hit by a vehicle. This is what happened to Simba. Not only did the vehicle hit him, it made him paralyzed from the waist down. Our rescue team had to struggle to get him out of his hiding place and would not let us touch him. Imagine how scared you would have to be, imagine how much abuse he must have gone through to behave this way? We might never know.

He is now in our care, happy to at least have a wheelchair to support him, he can walk without having to drag himself everywhere. But he still needs help to get in a wheelchair and get down the stairs. He has a second chance at life, but it will never be the same as he had the one before. Please drive slow. He might just be a dog to you, but he has a life too.

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