Bijuli, hit by Vehicle, Thrown in the River Rescued


Bijuli was hit by a vehicle. Rather of taking her to the vet for the treatment she was thrown in the river from the bridge. One of the local informed us about her situation. She was lying in the Riverside in these cold nights for a few days already. Her both hind legs are fractured, and she is a new mother to her babies. We didn’t spot her kids anywhere.
She was found critically dehydrated, deficiency of blood in her body, severely injured & hypothermia. She is now under shelter care, and her surgery will be performed once she gains enough blood in her body and once she is strong. We might have to transfuse the blood in case no improvement is observed. Please pray for her life.

If you believe she deserves a better life & if you want to help with her surgery and care, please donate.
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